Air Force One


 This Air Force One As The Tail Number 26000

Air Force One is the plane that the President uses when he travels the United States or around the world. At the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio they have four different Presidential Planes there. From the one that FDR used to the one that carried JFK back from Dallas in November 1963. You can walk thru four of the planes, but I have to say that it is a very tight fit. They say that it is 17" but it feels a lot smaller. In order to see the Presidential Planes and some other planes you have to sign in and get a piece of paper to turn in after you see all the planes. The museum is free.

In 2005 the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library added a Air Force One Pavilion. In the pavilion they have Air Force One that is tail number 27000. They also put in the presidential limo that President Reagan used along with a police car and motorcycle and a Secret Service car.

Marine One with Air Force One 27000 above it

Ronald Reagan Presidential Limo.

Sign To Air Force Museum in Dayton, Oh


Marine One on White House Lawn and Marine One ready to land on the White House Lawn



National Museum of USAF