Chester A. Arthur Twenty-First President


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Chester A. Arthur

October 5, 1829

November 18, 1886


Albany Rural Cemetery Albany, Ny

October 2005

Albany is a very easy city to get around. The exits have letters after the highway number (ex: 9N). You will not miss President Arthur grave. There is a flag pole and there is a angel of sorrow on top of his crypt. The road to the cemetery gate is long. President Arthur's wife Ellen is buried near his big crypt. The seal that you see on the main page is the seal that is on President Arthur's crypt. There are a few homes on the road leading to the gate. You can pick a map of the cemetery up at the main office or you can follow signs that have been put pointing the way to his grave.

Close up on plaque that is on President Arthur grave


Chester A. Arthur also served as the twentieth Vice President to James Garfield from March 4, 1881 to September 20, 1881. Click here to learn more about Chester A Arthur's Vice President bust

Chester A. Arthur never had a Vice President. Click Here For Vice President Thomas Hendricks

Facts About Chester Arthur:

Arthur sold twenty-six wagons full of White House furniture for about eight thousand dollars. What he did not know was that the furniture was priceless

He didn't make an Inaugural Address

Arthur was the first president to take the Oath of Office in his own home

Arthur destroyed all of his personal papers before his death

Nickname: Elegant Arthur

Last Words: Unknown

Cause of Death: Bright's disease, apoplexy (cerebral hemorrhage, stroke)




Albany Rural Cemetery