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George Washington

February 22, 1732

December 14, 1799


Mount Vernon Estate Mount Vernon, Va

June 2004

When I went to Mount Vernon, I didn't get a chance to see the inside of the house because of the line being so long and it getting late. I did get to take a tour of Mount Vernon from the Potomac River and it was a very nice tour that is worth taking. It goes from the area you pick the boat up at, and it goes up to Fort Washington and back to where you picked the boat up. So if you go to Mount Vernon I recommend paying the extra money for the river tour if it is being offered.

Here is the new tomb where George and Martha Washington are buried

Here is the old tomb. This is where the Washington family was buried before they were moved to the new tomb

Facts About George Washington:

Washington's inauguration speech was 183 words long and took 90 seconds to read. This was because of his false teeth

The nation's capital was located in Philadelphia during Washington's administration making him the only president who didn't live in Washington, D.C. during his presidency

He was a very loud snorer

Washington was the only president to die in the 1700s

Nickname: Father of His Country

Last Words: Tis well

Cause of Death: Pneumonia




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