Grover Cleveland Twenty-Fourth President


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Grover Cleveland 24th President

March 18, 1837

June 24, 1908


Princeton Cemetery Princeton, Nj

June 2004

On my way to see Vice President George Dallas's grave in Philadelphia, I made a quick stop to see President Cleveland. President Cleveland's daughter is buried next to him. He is buried close to Princeton University. There are maps of the cemetery in the box by the main gate. The roads are small and narrow. If you have to back up like I had to, it is very hard trying not to hit a tombstone.

Here is a close up of Presidents Cleveland grave.


Here is Ruth Cleveland Grave

Facts About Grover Cleveland:

Cleveland was the first executive movie star. In 1895, Alexander Black came to Washington and asked Cleveland to appear in "A Capital Courtship", his photoplay. He agreed to be filmed while signing a bill into law. "A Capital Courtship" was a big hit on the Lyceum Circuit

Cleveland was the only president to be married in the White House and was the first to have a child born there

The Baby Ruth candy bar was named after Cleveland's baby daughter, Ruth

He and the first lady would shake hands with as many as 8,000 callers at a New Year's Day reception. Crowds entered through the doors and the East Room windows

Grover Cleveland went sailing during July 1893 for what people thought was a fishing trip, but he was really having surgery for a strange growth in his mouth. The operation was kept so secret that nobody found out about it until 1917

Nickname: Uncle Jumbo

Last Words: I have tried so hard to do right

Cause of Death: Debility, coronary sclerosis, stroke, or intestinal obstruction (doctors differed as to the cause)




Princeton Cemetery