Jacqueline Kennedy Thirty-Third First Lady


Jacqueline Kennedy Grave





Buried At

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Jacqueline Kennedy

July 28, 1929

May 19, 1994


Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, Va

June 1998

All the times that I have seen the Kennedy graves, has a very nice view of Washington D.C.. She selected the spot where President Kennedy is buried at, because he had said a few weeks prior to his death he could stay here forever. The idea for the eternal flame came from some place in France. She had seen it over in France and thought of it for his grave.

Jacqueline Kennedy's grave and the eternal flame




Arlington National Cemetery


This Is What The Eternal Looks Like When It Is Out

View Of Washington D.C. From The Kennedy Grave's. The Washington Monument is straight ahead and the U.S. Capitol is off to the right