Lady Bird Johnson Thirty-Fourth First Lady


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*Lady Bird Johnson

December 22, 1912

July 11, 2007


LBJ Ranch   Johnson City,Tx

October 2008

The LBJ ranch is really nice. What the National Park Service has done, is instead of have a park ranger take you on a tour of the ranch in a tour bus, they have opened it up to allow the public to drive their own vehicles on a special mark route thru the ranch with a cd you listen to as you drive around. NOTE about the ranch tour: It is not marked on which road you will take to get to his birthplace and one room school house. The road you will take is just past the church. The cemetery the Johnsons are buried in, is a private cemetery the family still owns. Since Mrs. Johnson passed away in 2007, the National Park Service is opening up parts of the home. Back in August of 2008 in what would have been President Johnson 100th birthday, they opened up his office at the ranch. I believed the park ranch that took me on the tour, said that where the Secret Service was located, they will open it up after awhile along with the area that was used to decode import top secret information. Over all I hope the National Park Service will keep the self guiding tour or have the option to where you could take a ranger guided tour

President and Mrs. Johnson house on the LBJ ranch

Secret Service place




LBJ Ranch

*Lady Bird Johnson Real Name Is Claudia