Rachel Jackson


Andrew Jackson is on the left and Rachel is on the right





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Rachel Jackson

*June 15, 1767

December 22, 1828


The Hermitage Hermitage, Tn (Outside of Nashville)

June 2001

Mrs. Jackson never lived in the White House. The reason they thought at the time she had died was due to the election of that year. People were talking about her marriage to Andrew Jackson wasn't legal because she never divorced her husband. I read someplace that she had other health problems along with being a heavy smoker. President Jackson's Niece served as First Lady for him she was born June 1, 1807 and died December 19, 1836 she was 29. They are buried by the side of the house that faced President Jackson bedroom window so he could see the grave when he got up in the morning and went to bed at night.

The Jackson's tomb is on the left and the family graves is on the right.




The Hermitage

* Found date of birth on findagrave.com