Ulysses S. Grant Eighteenth President


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Ulysses S. Grant

April 27, 1822

July 23, 1885


General Grant National Memorial New York, Ny

October 2005

I am not sure why President Grant's grave picture came out so dark. President Grant was the last President of my big trip. Like when I went to see President Roosevelt, I had to pay another 6.00 toll. When you are driving down River Side Dr, you cant miss the top of his tomb. When I went to Grant's Tomb there are one way streets on both sides of his tomb. So I was trying to get on to the other side of the street so I could park and go inside, I did a u-turn on a one way street midday in uptown Manhattan. When I did this u-turn there was a car coming at me. Luckily he was able to stop in time and told me to go down a little further. If you need to use the restroom, there are none at the tomb. There is church across the street you can use. When I went to the church to use the restroom, it looked like you could tour the church. They had a visitor centers.

President Grant is buried on the banks of the Hudson River. Like some of the other President I saw on my big Presidential grave tour, you have to park in the street. But his is different. On certain days and times you cant park in certain places. Make sure you read the signs. I was there on a Monday at about noon and traffic wasn't bad and there was plenty of street parking.

Grant's Tomb in New York City, Ny

Facts About Ulysses S. Grant:

Grant was one of three presidents to graduate from a military academy: West Point

He finished his memoirs only a few weeks before his death from cancer. The book brought in $500,000 for his family after his death

While president, Ulysses S. Grant was arrested for driving his horse too fast. He was fined $20

His real name was Hiram Ulysses Grant. He changed it because he didn't want to enter West Point with the initials H.U.G

Grant was the first president to have both parents alive when he took office

Grant used around seven to ten cigars a day. Of this 7-10, he often did not smoke them at all. A reporter wrote that Grant liked cigars, and people started to send him cigars. He received over 20,000

Ten years after he was president, Grant was stricken with throat cancer. He regularly swabbed his throat with cocaine, becoming addicted to it

His original name was Hiram Ulysses Grant. He was named Hiram after his grandfather, and Ulysses after the hero in Greek mythology

Nickname: Uncle Sam

Last Words: Water

Cause of Death: Carcinoma (cancer) of the tongue and tonsils





Grants Tomb