William H. Taft Twenty-Seventh President


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William Howard Taft

September 15, 1857

March 8, 1930


Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, Va

June 1998

During my first visit to Arlington National Cemetery and I went to see the Kennedy Graves first and after seeing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, I was looking at the map of the cemetery and happened to see that President and Mrs. Taft were buried there too. So I stopped and saw the Taft's graves too. President Taft was A Chief Justice to the Supreme Court. In 2003 after seeing President Wilson at the National Cathedral I went to Arlington and walked from the visitor center to President Taft's grave.

Close up on President Taft grave

Facts About William Howard Taft:

Taft was the first president to throw the first baseball of a season

He was the first president to own a car. He had the stables converted into a four-car garage

Taft was the last president to have facial hair

His funeral was the first to be broadcast on the radio

Taft was our heaviest president, weighing 332 pounds. He once got stuck in the White House bath tub, so a new one was installed, big enough to hold four grown men

Taft never wanted to be president. He wanted to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but his wife wanted to be the first lady. She talked him into running for office. He finally got his wish in 1920 when he was appointed Chief Justice

Taft kept a cow on the White House lawn to supply him with fresh milk. He was the last president to do so

Nickname: Big Bill

Last Words: Unknown

Cause of Death: Heart attack




Arlington National Cemetery