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William McKinley

January 29, 1843

September 14, 1901


McKinley National Memorial and Museum Canton, Oh

April 2003 (Easter Weekend)

The dome of Presidents McKinley's grave is visible from I77 both North and South Bound. If you are heading North on 77 you will use exit 105 if you are heading South you will use exit 106. Once you get off either exit you will look for a street called Elgin and then you will go to 7th street. There are signs pointing the way to the grave. There is a statue of President McKinley I would say in about the middle from the very top of the steps to the bottom of the steps. When you enter the dome you will see the graves and if it is close like during the winter you can see them thru the door. When you look up going around the dome is President McKinley last speech given in Buffalo New York in 1901. On the very back wall behind the graves, are the McKinley's two daughters. Their graves are not marked but there is a eagle above the wall in which they are entombed. If you have trouble with your knee's be warned of the 108 steps you have to walk. What was amazing was people were running up and down the steps. The McKinley Museum is well worth the fee to enter. If you are a big into science they have a Planetarium that show different show about the stars. Also for the kids they have what is called Discover World. It is a lot of hands on things for them. It is a very good museum. They have figures of President and Mrs. McKinley that speak and move.

William McKinley Grave

Facts About William McKinley:

McKinley was the first President to ride in an automobile. He rode in an electric ambulance to the hospital after he was shot

After being shot, he saw the shooter being beaten to the ground, he then cried, "Don't let them hurt him"

McKinley was the first president to campaign by telephone

He was the only clean shaven president between Andrew Johnson and Woodrow Wilson

Nickname: Wobbly Willie

Last Words: Goodbye, all; good-bye. It is God's way. His will be done, not ours. We are all going... Oh, dear

Cause of Death: Assassinated




McKinley National Memorial and Museum