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Woodrow Wilson

December 28, 1856

February 3, 1924


Washington National Cathedral Washington D.C.

September 2003

President Wilson is buried off to the side of the main part of the cathedral. The best way to get to his grave is when you first enter the cathedral, !!!!DON'T FOLLOW THE SIGNS THAT SAY CRYPT!!!!" I did this and I got lost and made it to the gift shop. There will be a desk when you enter there will be a person selling tickets for a audio tour of the cathedral. Enter the doors behind the desk. You will enter where there are all of the state flags. Take a right and go up the hallway that is on the right. The person I asked took me right to his grave and it was about 2/3 of the way up of this little hallway. When I was at the National Cathedral, there was a church service going on. So don't be surprised if you here a church service going on. You can still go and see President Wilson even if there is a church service going on.

Here Is The Washington National Cathedral

Facts About Woodrow Wilson:

Wilson was the first president to hold a press conference

He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1920 for his efforts in seeking peace after World War I and supporting the League of Nations

Wilson detonated the final explosives to clear the Panama Canal. He sent the signal all the way from New York

Wilson was the first president to have earned a Ph.D

He was the first president to cross the Atlantic Ocean while in office

His wife, Edith Wilson, was his connection with the outside world after he suffered a stroke which paralyzed his left side. She is considered the most powerful first lady there ever was

Wilson is the only president buried in Washington D.C. (Taft and Kennedy are buried in Arlington, but it's in Virginia.)

Nickname: Professor

Last Words: I'm a broken machine, but I'm ready

Cause of Death: Apoplexy, paralysis (stroke)





Washington National Cathedral